Using AIM technology, GVS has developed an innovative process to manufacture an Arterial Flow Chamber that meets all of the needs of the haemodialysis market while increasing the quality of the product. Arterial Flow Chambers are currently made using rigid materials to meet patient needs during haemodialysis treatment. The molded components are stored and then assembled either by solvent bonding or ultrasonic bonding.

There are several potential failure modes in the current process:

The process requires multiple steps.

Components could deform during storage before assembly. Defects can be generated during the solvent bonding or ultrasonic bonding processes.

There could be potentially toxic solvent residue that could transfer to the patient.

With the innovative new manufacturing technology developed by GVS the parts are molded and assembled inside the mold using both molding and overmolding. The external storage and assembly cycles are eliminated, increasing the quality level and eliminating the potential for solvent residuals.



Height: 82.0 mm

Diameter: 34.0 mm

Color Clear/Red Raw Material PVC Rigid


Ref. Standard

ISO 8638

Application Hemodialysis Assembly Method Bonding



<0,25 EU/ml

Maximum Operating Temperature

50 °C


EtO, Gamma, Beta


Ordering Information:

Product Code Description

RN417ACOL0000A00 Arterial pre-pump Flow Chamber 2 Way Cover, Connection 1x6.8mm + 1x5.5mm UP + 1x6.8mm DOWN RN418ACOL0000A00 Arterial pre-pump Flow Chamber 3 Way Cover, Connection 1x6.8mm + 2x5.5mm UP + 1x6.8mm DOWN

Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box

40 x 40 x 30 cm 11.2 kg 400 units