FORTEX PVDF hydrophobic membrane

The Fortex PVDF membrane is an hydrophobic / oleophobic / hemophobic PVDF membrane cast on a non- woven polyester support. Treatments give the membrane superior skills to be compatible with the most performing requirements.

Major Advantages

Polyesther supported, hydrophobic PVDF


Wide chemical compatibility

Non-wettable by most low-surface tension liquids

Excellent handling properties

High mechanical strength

Compatible with all sealing/welding methods

EtO, Gamma, Beta and Steam compatible

Comply with ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI testing


Fortex PVDF hydrophobic membranes offers a very cost effective solution to many healthcare requirements. It’s a real breakthrough for all venting needs.


Medical Applications

Spike vents

IV filter vents

Transducer protectors

Vacuum suction canisters

Urine drain bags

Ostomy bags

The Fortex PVDF is repellent to fluids including:

Body fluids

Lipid solutions


Oils (oleophobic)

Organic solvents

Blood (hemophobic)



Master roll (max): 450 mm x 180 m (WxL)

Plastic core: ID 76 mm, OD 88 mm

Custom roll, sheet and disc sizes available on demand.




Plastic core: ID 76 mm, OD 88 mm Packaging: single PE package for each roll; a second PE collecting bag.


Pore size (µm) Thickness (µm) MIN Air Flow Rate (l/min at 1 cm2 at 1 bar) MIN Water Breaktrough (bar)

0.20 150 - 220 2,1 1,80

0.45 150 - 220 4,5 1,00

0.80 150 - 220 11,4 0,80

1.20 150 - 220 31,3 0,30


Ordering Informations 150 - 220 41,8 0,15

Master Roll Ref. Description

M09G0020H4500E Fortex PVDF hydrophobic - haemophobic membrane, 0.20 µm, 450 mm width

M09G0045H4500E Fortex PVDF hydrophobic - haemophobic membrane, 0.45 µm, 450 mm width

M09G0080H4500E Fortex PVDF hydrophobic - haemophobic membrane, 0.80 µm, 450 mm width

M09G0120H4500E Fortex PVDF hydrophobic - haemophobic membrane, 1.2 µm, 450 mm width

M09G0300H4500E Fortex PVDF hydrophobic - haemophobic membrane, 3.0 µm, 450 mm width

Please contact GVS Sales Medical Division for detailed ordering Information.