Electrostatic Spirometry Filter with integral mouthpiece

GVS Spiroguard utilise an electrostatically charged synthetic media. The positive and negative charge on filter fibres is generated during the manufacturing process and enhances the filter’s ability to attract particulate matter. Unlike other spirometry filters, GVS’s electrostatic filter media is covered in a protective scrim layer. This prevents fibres becoming loose, blocking the spirometer and therefore enhancing protective performance against harmful contamination.

The filter media has hydrophobic properties to minimise droplet contamination, as well as providing a low resistance and low dead space to improve the validity and consistency of respiratory testing results and minimise rebreathing.


Filter media: Electrostatic Housing: Polypropylene Filter Media

200 g Electrostatic Blended Synthetic Fiber Flow Resistance

@ 30 L/min in accordance with EN ISO 9360-1: < 30 Pa (< 0.3 cm H2O) @ 60 L/min in accordance with EN ISO 9360-1: < 60 Pa (< 0.6 cm H2O) @ 90 L/min in accordance with EN ISO 9360-1: < 100 Pa (< 1 cm H2O) Filtration Efficiency

BFE 99.9999%* up to 0.027 µm VFE 99.9998%* up to 0.027 µm Effective Filtration Area

60 cm²


< 0.25 EU/ml Dead space 80 ml


37.2 g Dimensions

h. 92.65 mm; w. 96.8 mm

Code Description Box Qty

2800/21BAUC Electrostatic Filter Clinic Clean bag packed 200

2800/21ABUC Electrostatic Filter bulk packed 200