Transducer Protectors TP43 DOME


Width: 29.65 mm

Length: 24.50 mm

Effective Filtration Area

1.31 cm2


2.4 g

Ref. Standard

ISO 8638

Inlet / Outlet Connections Inlet MLS – Outlet MLS Efficiency of Filtration 100%

Application Hemodialysis Pressure

3.2 bar

Maximum Operating Temperature



<0.25 EU/ml Assembly Method Connectors/Bonding

Sterilization Compatibility


Bacterial Retention

Brevundimonas diminuta

 Air Flow

>4,7 LPM@∆P 700 mm Hg/3,1 cm2

Water Breakthrough

>1,8 bar

 Air flow and water breakthrough specifications refer to the raw membrane material, not to the finished product.

Ordering Information:

Product Code Description

TP043ANAG002AA00 Transducer Protector TP43 - PVC/0.2 µm PVDF - clear/clear

 Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box

30 x 50 x 35 cm 14.0 kg 4,000 units