Transducer Protectors TP100

TP100 represents a new way to achieve a transducer protector for application in haemodialysis machines. The manufacturing concept of TP100 is to produce a complete, finished product during each molding cycle.

This avoids secondary operations as well as saving energy du- ring the production cycle. This leads to improved homogeneity, integrity, and design flexibility.


Using this process the TP100 has no weld or glue lines. It appears to be one piece.


The material integrity is assured by the chemical bond between the two parts of the housing during the molding cycle of the second part.

Design Flexibility:

The unique manufacturing process of TP100 allows GVS to design products from materials that may not be compatible with normal solvent or ultrasonic bonding processes.

TP100 has been introduced as a way to meet the requirements of customers seeking to meet the demands of specific markets. Currently the TP100 is specified when the customer seeks to meet the following needs:

- Wide adaptability on haemodialysis  machines

- Stability after either gamma or beta irradiation

- High confidence of no leakage

- No deformation in the parts after storage

- Bacterial and viral barrier


Width: 23,5 mm

Length: 23.5 mm


2.1 g

Inlet / Outlet Connections Inlet: MLL Male Luer Lock Outlet: FLL Female Luer Lock Pressure

2.5 bar for 15 sec.

Air Flow

30 ml min @ ∆P =12 mbar


Water Breakthrough 1 bar for 1 hour Application Hemodialysis

Ref. Standard

ISO 8638

Effective Filtration Area

1.44 cm2

Efficiency of filtration

100 %

Maximum Operating Temperature

50 °C



<0,25 EU/ml Assembly Method connectors/bonding

Sterilization Compatibility EtO, Gamma, Beta Bacterial Retention Brevundimonas diminuta


Air flow and water breakthrough specifications refer to the raw membrane material, not to the finished product.

Ordering Information:

Product code Housing material Color Filter material Pore size or micronage (µm)

TP100ACOG002AA00 PVC DEHP Free Clear PVDF 0,2

Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box

60 x 40 x 20 cm 9.2 kg 4,000 units