Bacterial Air Vents FD177


Outside diameter: 7,55

Inside diameter: 5.45

Overall height: 2.50 Effective Filtration Area 0,23 cm2

Efficiency of filtration




Assembly method Bonding Pyrogenicity
<0.25 EU/ml
Maximum Operating Temperature
Water Breakthrough
>155 mm Hg
Sterilization Compatibility
EtO, Gamma, e-beam

Water breakthrough specifications refer to the raw membrane material, not to the finished product.
Ordering Information:
Product Code Housing Material  Color Filter Material Pore Size µm Air Flow
FD177ABSV3000R ABS White Membrane 3.0 >54.8 LPM @ ∆P 260 mm Hg/ 3.7cm2
Hydrophobic Acrylic

Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box
60 x 25 x 15 cm 1.1 kg 10,000 units