Bacterial Air Vents TA222


Outside diameter: Male Luer Slip Total height: 20.00 mm

Body height: 12.50 mm Filter material Membrane Hydrophobic Acrylic Copolymer


Effective filtration area

0.038 cm2

Air Flow

1,2 µm: min 15ml/min@30mBar max 15ml/min@30mBar

0.8 µm: >10ml/min @100cmH2O


Catheter Vents

Water Breakthrough

1.2 µm: 0.1 bar for 5 minutes

0.8 µm: >225mmHg Efficiency of filtration 100%

Ref. Standard
ISO 8536-4
Assembly method
Maximum Operating Temperature
<0.25 EU/ml
EtO, Gamma, e-beam, steam
Bacterial retention
1.2 µm: Candida albicans
Air flow and water breakthrough specifications refer to the raw membrane material, not to the finished product.
Ordering Information:
Product Code Housing Material    Color Pore Size (µm)
TA222ASICR012A00 ABS Clear 1.2
TA222AV29R008A00 PP Clear 0.8
Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box
60 x 40 x 35 cm 19.0 kg 25,000