New GVS Speedflow® Mesh IV and liquid filters range from 5 to 300 µm, ensures no more air bubble troubles, very high flow rate and high particle retention, and allows easy connection. GVS® manufacture with customer's logo, offer clear, green and blue housings, and amber housing for photosensitive drugs


Speedflow IV filters are particularly suitable for the fol- lowing filtration applications:

- Aqueous IV solutions

- IV therapy

- Chemotherapy

- Antibiotic therapy

- Nutrient admixture, TPN and lipid solutions (1.2 µm)

- Drug delivery therapy (recommended for oncology drugs)

- Apheresis solutions

- Dialysate for kidney dialysis

- Blood warming circuit applications

- Fluid warming circuit applications


- Four vents Speedflow Adult, Two vents Speedflow Kids and Baby, for faster air elimination during priming

- Wide range of connectors

- Custom printing option – tinted housings available

- Amber tinted housing for photosensitive drugs

- Latex and PVC free. Free of animal origin substances




Materials comply with USP class VI-121°C test and ISO 10993


Speedflow Adult WxLxD: 30.0 x (60.0 - 62.8) x 9.6 mm

Speedflow Kids WxLxD: 30.0 x (60.0 - 62.8) x 7.9 mm

Speedflow Baby WxLxD: 15.3 x 21.9 x 4.0 mm


Speedflow Adult: 7.5 - 7.9 gr.

Speedflow Kids: 6.2 - 6.6 gr.

Speedflow Baby: 1.35 (1.7 gr. for FLL/RMLL configuration)

Effective filtration area

PES: Speedflow Adult 10.0 cm2, Speedflow Kids 5.0 cm2,

Speedflow Baby 1.45 cm2
PTFE: Speedflow Adult 1.0 cm2, Speedflow Kids 0.5 cm2, Speedflow Baby 0.25 cm2
Inlet/Outlet connectors
Speedflow Adult & Kids
Inlet: Tube 3x4.1 mm or female luer lock (FLL)
Outlet: Tube 3x4.1 mm (connector ID=2.0 mm), rotating male luer lock (RMLL) or male luer slip (MLS)
Speedflow Baby
Inlet: Microbore IV tubing connectors (2.0-2.2-2.3-2.4-2.5-2.8 or 3.0 mm) or FLL female luer lock
Outlet: Microbore IV tubing connectors (see above) or RMLL rotating male luer lock
Materials of construction
Filter media: Nylon or Polyester Mesh
Vent: High Pressure Hydrophobic PTFE membrane 0.03 µm
Clear or Amber Modified Acrylic
Max Burst pressure
3.1 bar (45 psi) Operating temperature 5 - 40°C
Pore Size
Customized applications from 5 to 300 µm
Minimum Water Bubble Point
5.0 µm: 60 mbar (0.8psi)
Minimum Water Flow Rate
Speedflow Baby 5.0 µm :  90 ml/min @ 80 cm (31.5 in) water head pressure
All other models have flow rate limited by tubing size and pressure applied
Air Flow
Speedflow Adult PTFE Hydrophobic membrane:
1.2 µm: > 100 scc/min @ 100mbar
High Pressure filters 0.03 µm: 2LPM/3.7 cm2 @∆P=6000mm/H2O Speedflow Kids
> 50 scc/min @ 100mbar Speedflow Baby
~ 20 scc/min @ 100mbar
Water Breakthrough
High Pressure filters, PTFE 0.03 µm: >40m/ H2O
Priming Volume
Speedflow Adult: 2.3 ml Speedflow Kids: 1.3 ml Speedflow Baby: <0.35ml Pyrogenicity
<0.25 EU/ml using the LAL test method
120-Hours Throughput
Speedflow® Adult, Kids and Baby filters do not show rele- vant loss in flow rate during 120-hour test
Sterilization Compatibility
EtO or Gamma (25 kGy), e-beam
Self-priming instructions
For fastest priming procedure, keep Speedflow® in vertical position with the flow arrows pointed up, i.e., invert to prime. The filter will eliminate air faster that way.
After priming is completed, Speedflow® will eliminate air in any position.

Ordering Information:
Please contact GVS Sales Medical Division for detailed ordering Information.

Packaging: Dimension Weight Quantity / Box
Speedflow Adult 60 x 40 x 25 cm 16.0 kg 2,000 units
Speedflow Kids 60 x 40 x 25 cm 14.0 kg 2,000 units
Speedflow Baby 60 x 40 x 25 cm 13.0 kg 6,000 units (3 x 2,000 bags)