About Us

GVS Filter Technology - Healthcare

GVS Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filters for applications in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Automotive, Appliance, Safety, and Commercial & Industrial Filtration sectors.

The Group's clear strategy towards internationalization, has led to the opening of 12 production facilities located in Italy, UK, Brazil, the United States, China and Romania, as well as offices in Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Japan, Korea. GVS currently have a workforce of over 2,700 people globally.

For 40 years, GVS has focused on innovation in its products range and production processes, constantly improving its development capacity to provide the best service and support for its clients

Healthcare Filters & Components

The origins of GVS initially focused on medical filters for blood and IV solutions. Today GVS provides a wide range of innovative products, including standard and custom devices for laboratory filtration, anesthesia, intensive therapy, and respiratory medicine.

International expansion

GVS group’s presence in major markets across the world has led to the opening of 11 production and sales facilities located in Italy, UK, Brazil, USA, China and Romania as well as offices in Germany, Spain, México, Argentina, Japan, Korea, India and Russia.

Sophisticated industrial Technology

GVS’s highly innovative medical device production technologies include multi-cavity insert and over-molding, high-speed automatic assembly, ultrasonic, heat and radio-frequency welding ,laser cutting and welding and All in-Mold technology, a revolutionary manufacturing technology combining injection molding and robotic assembly all within the molding tool.

Commitment to Quality

GVS Group have operated to the international standard ISO 9001 since 1995. 2 years later GVS attained the QS9000.

The Medical Division has obtained ISO 13485 certification as well as authorisation for CE marking in accordance with the European Directive 93/42/EEC forsome of its medical devices. The majority of GVS plants have successfully achieved UNI EN ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System (EMS).

All other divisions continue to operate to ISO 9001 and other required certifications for their specific markets.

Research & Development

A great part of the know-how incorporated within GVS’s products comes from its Research Lab, which ensures that the company’s various divisions get all the R&D they need. With its pioneering tools and facilities and highly sophisticated analytic techniques, this lab also works in close conjunction with a large number of hospitals and academic bodies of international acclaim, in Italy, in the UK and wherever GVS operates. Without it, the group’s strongly innovation oriented policy and commitment to growth would not be as effective.

Every day approximately 90 million surgeries are performed worldwide.

In 30 million cases, equipment is employed that uses breathing filters.